“Three or four additional trails will be built going to the main side of the mountain,” said Mt. Abram’s communication director Zach McCarthy. “We’re excited to build on our terrain and open more trails.”
The new trails will expand on the seven trails that are currently available and identified by color with green for beginners, blue for intermediate and black for advanced.
“We started with green trails that are family focused for new bikers, then we added blue trails for the more advanced and black trails for the more aggressive,” McCarthy said. “Now we have two beginner trails, two blue and three black.”
Max Southan is the trail crew manager who will oversee the creation of the new trails.
Thirty trails on the mountain are still opening for skiing so the date for the opening of the bike park is undetermined. “The opening date depends on when the trails are dry enough to ride down without ruining them,” McCarthy said.
There is no ticket price for individual days but a full range of season pass prices have been established, from $369 for adults to $20 for tiny tots and super seniors.
This is the third year of bike park and the main focus of summer activity at Mt. Abram, according to McCarthy. The beer garden will also be open with live music available as well.