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Portland, Maine based songwriter, guitarist and producer Jason Spooner has been a visible and respected presence on the northeastern and national live music circuits for close to two decades. As the bandleader of The Jason Spooner Band (Dan Boyden – Drums, Stu Mahan – Bass and Dawson Hill – Keyboards), Spooner has expanded his musical horizons significantly over the course of five studio releases. The quartet stands out with an interesting signature American Roots Rock sound supported by audibly strong musicianship, interesting arrangements and well-crafted, intelligent writing.

Brand new, lift-accessible, downhill mountain bike park designed for beginners and families. Mt. Abram is a family-focused environment with a laid-back, respectful, non-pretentious attitude. Beautifully designed mountain bike trails include features like: banked turns, whoops sections, long sweeping turns and amazing views on the Westside of Mt. Abram’s ski slopes. Trails flow easily from section to section and transition from the top to the bottom amidst beautiful natural scenery.