Date: August 20, 2022
Duration: 1 Day
Type: open

In 2009, Brad Hooper took his talent off the farm and onto the stage. (He finally learned how to play the guitar last Tuesday at 4 p.m.) Hooper is a much sought after area entertainer and maintains a solid schedule of professional shows. His talent has earned the respect of fans, friends, booking contacts and contemporary peers.

Most recently, singer-songwriter Brad Hooper was recognized as a nominee for the Just Plain Folks 2017 Music Awards. Hooper is a two-time Maine Songwriters Contest finalist and a 2013 Portland Phoenix Best Music nominee. “I didn’t see these coming but was quite happy for the recognition of both my talent and hard work,” says Hooper.

With his signature hat and shades in place, Hooper sets his passions in motion and fills the moment with insightfully-written original songs and unique-renditions of songs that have marked his way. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s clear Hooper still does.

Hooper’s vocal quality often has him pegged as a ‘blues man,’ but his content spans many genres making it difficult to pigeonhole the guy. Americana, roots, blues, folk, country, you’ll have to decide for yourself. The timber and raw emotion of his vocal-styling are clearly Hooper’s trademark. Genre aside, his first review seems to have hit the mark: “Brad Hooper is the real deal. No flash, no gimmicks, just solid guitar playing and soulful vocals.”  — (